Shooting for the Stars

We may have started in 1998 but we’re on a trajectory to the distant world of tomorrow.

Our eyes are forever set on tomorrow, eager to see what’s over the next hill, the next horizon, the next planet and the next star. We’re not satisfied with staying in place. We’re explorers, seeking out new and innovative technologies so that others can design better and faster. We’ve been around since 1998 and plan to be around until 2098 (and into the distant future).

Over the past 5 years, the csm team and I have put many successful projects under our belts. The reason I’ll continue for the next 5 years, they don’t just crank out work, they partner with me, and we learn from each other. — Dima S. Geyzersky, Director of Technology, performit

We’re here for each other

We’re csmians and that means going beyond the average product designer. Part of being a csmian means being scrappy, getting things done and helping each other out.

Our manifesto

Working through roughly 100 product design engagements every year, we’ve learned a few things.


A designed world is better

We’re empowering people to place Design at the forefront. Putting people first and using Design (with a capital “D”) to do this may not be completely obvious. In fact, some of it can be counter-intuitive.

See What We Believe

Getting teams excited about design

Our customers stick by our side, every step of the way, learning how design literacy and culture play a major part in the design process.

Let’s design together!

Give us a call and learn how our team can work with yours to do great things.

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